Visual Art, Print and Artists’ Books: Methods and Making

The CFPR has a long history of successful collaborations with artists, researchers, materials manufacturers, galleries and museums, educators and creatives. Part of the centre’s remit is to:

  • Research and reinvigorate historical print processes for creative practitioners.
  • Test and introduce aspects of commercial print processes into creative art practices.
  • Explore the perceptions and aesthetics of printmaking and its allied fields in the graphic arts, from digital / 3D printed production, to traditional processes.
  • Develop understanding, appreciation and discourse in visual art, from artists’ books to print.
  • Work with artists on research projects or editions that test and showcase innovative methods, processes and materials.
  • Consider what constitutes a print in the 21st Century.

Our results and findings are disseminated through the production of artefacts, books, prints, editions and portfolios. We share knowledge exchange through delivering talks and papers, publishing reference materials, organising and participating in exhibitions, workshops, symposia and conferences. Our outputs might include the final realisation of a new print process, greater understanding of the value and importance of particular practices, a patent or technological development or new edition with an artist/maker. We aim to contribute to the understanding and appreciation of all aspects of printmaking from the history to the present.

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