Institute of Physics: Print in Art, Industry and Science (3-4 May 2022)

Members of the CFPR are presenting at the 2-day Institute of Physics conference, held online.

Print in Art, Industry and Science from 3rd – 4th May 2022.

The conference brings together a range of practitioners to explore the crossovers of print in art, science and industry. From the CFPR, Professor Carinna Parraman is keynote speaker and will be presenting research on 2.5D Printing. Also from CFPR, Dr Susanne Klein has been invited to present Maxwell’s Disappointment / Sutton’s Accident, Laura Clark Oaten on  Hybrid Printmaking: Exploring innovation and transgression in Traditional Print, and Ben Goodman, Technical Instructor at UWE will be talking about Engraving the Moon – a new approach to an old process

See the full programme.

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