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In celebration of the 20th year anniversary of the IMPACT Printmaking Conference, the Centre for Print Research launched the IMPACT Printmaking Journal.

IMPACT stands for ‘International Multi-disciplinary Printmaking: Artists, Concepts and Techniques’, which takes the form of a conference that is run every other year. Over the years, the IMPACT conference has increasingly focused on creating an academic forum on all aspects of print: advancing technological knowledge, contextualizing print, talking about the poetry and language of print, and maintaining a showcase for print practitioners.

The aim of the IMPACT Printmaking Journal is to support scholarly and critical debate in the field of print. The journal enables academics and industry professionals to share knowledge; allows artists and makers to show practice-led and object-based research; and focuses on the rich material culture of the printed world. The journal provides a platform for discussion for all those who are interested in the print world, whether they have been participants at an IMPACT conference or not.

Contributions from academics and practitioners, scientists and industry professionals, writers and philosophers, students, graduates and independent artists alike are warmly welcomed. Submissions can take several forms, including articles, research projects, exhibition essays and reflections on individual works. All contributions will be peer-reviewed by a panel of referees. ​

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