Print and Imaging: Reappraising the Past

Research into the history and practice of 19th century and 20th Century photomechanical printing processes has led to a re-evaluation of these historic methods including Woodburytype, collotype, photogravure and screen printing, and their reinvention for 21st century applications.

Our research has led to new insights into the physical history of these processes and created new methods of continuous tone photographic imagery for fine art, craft and cultural heritage, as well as industrial applications such as security printing, print on ceramics and packaging.

The research also moves beyond the flat surface to 2.5 and 3 dimensions, creating new means and processes for scanning, reproduction, conservation and care of a range of artworks and artefacts including paintings, sculpture, ancient objects, ceramics and buildings.

Featured image: Prototype scanner ©From the Woburn Abbey Collection

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