26 Jan 2022: Xavier Aure & Thomas Bale – Automated Surface Scanner

Automated surface scanner update: processing multi-view image data for large scale planar artworks

In this talk Xavier Aure and Thomas Bale will present their recent work on the development of an automated image-based 3D scanner to record the structure and colour of planar surfaces of artworks. The system is based on the combination of photogrammetric and photometric stereo images and generates high-resolution 2D and 3D data that can be used for documentation, visualisation and public engagement applications.

Xavier will present the scanner and some results from the recording of the painting ‘The Grand Canal, Ascension Day’ (c.1730-31) by the Italian artist Canaletto, and Thomas will discuss a multiview refinement approach that enables the correction and tiling of surface data captured with the scanner.

Joining the seminar

Use this link to join the seminar: https://live.remo.co/e/cfpr-lunchtime-seminar-12th-janu-1

Advance registration is not required.

The platform will open at 12.30 and the talk will close at 13.15.

There will be time for a Q&A with the speakers.

The seminar takes place on the virtual conferencing platform Remo. Remo aims to encapsulate the feeling of attending a networking event, classroom or workshop. You will be asked to login with an email address before joining.

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