Bristol and Bath by Design

This major research project, led by Carinna Parraman and Stephen Hoskins, brought together the CFPR, the departments of Art and Design, Film and Journalism and the Business School at the University of the West of England, with other primary academic design institutions in the Bristol and Bath region, to undertake a comprehensive analysis of the value and impact of design in the region.

A combination of approaches and methods drawn from the social sciences and the arts and humanities enabled the research team to move beyond raw statistical sector mapping through analysing the importance of the region’s unique cultural heritage: the social, historical and cultural context within which designers operate. In this way, the researchers created an alternative framework for understanding and evaluating design in the region.

The findings were of benefit to the Research Councils, the Government, Higher Education Institutions (HEI) and industry. The published findings have been cited by the Department for Business.

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