Stephen Hoskins

Stephen is Professor of Fine Print and Founder of the Centre for Print Research.

Apart from being a practicing printmaker, Steven’s primary areas of research are; the potential of 3D printing and related digital technologies for the arts, plus the tactile surface of the printed artefact and its consequences for digital technology. His latest book 3D Printing for Artists, Designers and Makers is published by Bloomsbury. Stephen has published two other books: Water based Screenprinting and Inks, over 40 peer reviewed papers and articles, and has 3 patents: ‘Novel methods of water based screenprinted ceramic transfers’; ‘Printer with substrate registration means’ and ‘A Method of 3D Printing Ceramics’.

Area Of Expertise

Stephen’s philosophy for research at the Centre for Print Research (CFPR) has always been based on the production of the physical artefact, primarily predicated in print. Central to this ethos is the relationship between technology and making from a practitioner perspective.

This places Stephen and the CFPR in an unusual position of understanding digital and new media technologies but always relating them to physical output and creativity. His research focus is on the close relationship that exists between technology, ideas and craft skills as understood in a visual environment.

Due to his belief in interdisciplinary collaboration Stephen has an outstanding track record of working with industry. Project partners include, Hewlett Packard, Denby Pottery, Burleigh Pottery, Renishaw, St Cuthberts Mill, John Purcell Paper, Cranfield Colours, Canon, Roland DG, Viridis 3D and Dycem amongst many others. In recognition of his interdisciplinary understanding Stephen held a Hewlett Packard sponsored Professorial Chair from 2004 to 2014.

Research Topics/Interests
printmaking; 3D print; tactile surface; ink

Hewlett Packard; Renishaw PLC; Burleigh Pottery; Denby Pottery; Dycem

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