The findings of the Bristol and Bath by Design project

Edited by Ellen Hughes and Carinna Parraman
November 2016

Download the report here.

The aim of the Bristol and Bath by Design project was to collect data on design companies in the Bristol and Bath region, and to gain a better understanding of the economic and cultural value of the design-led sector. To do this, the primary research was to develop a range of qualitative and quantitative methods that could gather and then analyse the data. The AHRC and the Design Council have been working together to understand how design plays a key role in creating economic benefits and social value in the UK. They want to explore design research in UK universities and its connections with businesses and policymakers.

Bristol and Bath were identified as a thriving area for design and as two of the nine ‘creative hotspots’ across Britain in the 2010 NESTA Creative Clusters and Innovation report. Since then, the local city councils and the West of England Local Enterprise Partnership have been keen to support and develop the growth of related key sectors, including creative and media, advanced engineering and micro-electronics and silicon design.


Professor Jon Dovey
Professor Stephen Hoskins
Jess Hoare
Ellen Hughes
Verity Lewis
Dr Pei-Ling Liao
Dr Graham McLaren
Professor Chris McMahon
Dr Aaron Mo
Adrienne Noonan
Professor Carinna Parraman
Dr Glenn Parry
Dr Kayla Rose
Almudena Suarez Perez
Professor Anita Taylor
Professor Don Webber

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