Woodbury and Lippmann: A new approach to continuous tone and full colour non-impact printing

In 2012 the Engineering Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC) launched their first call for Manufacturing Fellowships under the Manufacturing the Future theme. The funding scheme gives people in industry, with a background in research and development, the opportunity to develop and explore their ideas in a university, whilst bringing the rigour associated with R&D in an industrial context.

Bringing expertise in colloidal chemistry, optics and 3D printing to the CFPR, Dr Susanne Klein FInstP is undertaking a five year project to investigate the reinvention of old printing technologies such as Woodburytype and Lippmann photography, which will allow production of high quality prints for advertising, packaging, fashion and, at the same time, include fake-proof security features.

By transferring the principals of historic, high quality, continuous tone printing processes to 2.5 D non-impact printing and the formulation of special inks, it will be possible to print any size on any substrate. Combining this new process with Lippmann photography will lead to a full colour, non-pixelated printing process with in-built security features.

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