The Development of Novel Inkjet Inks

Funded by the AHRC

Project partner: Pulse Roll Label Products Ltd

In 2004, Carinna Parraman undertook an AHRC funded project entitled Screenprinted colour as a theoretical model for the development of inkjet technology. The development of novel inkjet inks sought to build upon and extend the methods by exploiting recent developments in inkjet technology to develop innovative UV-cure ink products for commercial print applications.

Recent developments in inkjet technology enabled Pulse to create innovative UV-cure ink products for commercial print applications, thus giving them an advantage in the field.

This project moved beyond halftoning and process colours CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) towards the development of custom pigments and decorative inks to result in new colour mixtures. This led to new methods for printing from a practitioner perspective, more closely aligned to the creative arts and creative industries.

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