2.5D and 3D image capture and print in the cultural heritage field: evaluation of current and developing technologies, applications and workflows

During his PhD study, Xavier Aure undertook a study of the gap between traditional specialist skills and the requirements of the fine art conservator, and the newly emerging 2.5D and 3D digital image capture and printing technologies. Supervised by Carinna Parraman and Joe Padfield (lead conservation scientist at the National Gallery), Aure explored the potential for innovative solutions and creative applications in the cultural heritage field. The project examined this complex field by identifying, simplifying and demonstrating how these new tools can be efficiently and appropriately used in the day to day study, documentation and presentation of cultural heritage objects. It concentrated particularly on issues and applications relevant to the National Gallery and its collection. This included, for example, investigating what structural changes occur in paintings over time, how they can be documented, and how conservation treatments can affect these structural changes.

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