CFPR Seminar: Immediately Intimate – Exploring Shifting Landscapes (19 Feb 2020)

The next CFPR Seminar is scheduled for the 19th of February. This time we look at landscape and environment through printmaking, with Niamh Fahy, Research Associate at the Centre.

1.30pm, Wednesday 19 February, Room 1B4, Bower Ashton Campus UWE – all welcome!


Immediately Intimate – Exploring Shifting Landscapes – Niamh Fahy

Niamh Fahy is a Research Associate at CFPR and a visual artist whose print-based practice explores the interpretation of landscape. She examines the continuously changing cycles of landscape through dichotomies of movement, stillness, silence, noise harmony and dissonance within her work. Considering the intimate and complex connections between memory and landscape she regards timespans before and beyond our existence as a means to re-examine our relationship to the ever-shifting architecture of landscape. Through a multidisciplinary print practice, she builds intimate narratives that seek to make visible the imperceptible changes in landscape, inviting dialogue on the understanding of the fundamental pressures that propel transformation within our natural environment.

Through examining the physical experience of landscape alongside the historical and literary influences that inform my practice I discuss the potential for the print artist to transform perspectives and invigorate engagement with natural environment. Interweaving landscape, memory and print practice, I reflect on innovative print methods and multidisciplinary practice as a means of deconstructing what is extensive and complex in order to reconstruct and communicate an interdependent and intimate relationship with landscape.

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