CFPR Seminar: At Home with Walter Woodbury (watch online)

This week Dr. Susanne Klein will be showing us how to make the Woodburytype from scratch at home! So if you’re looking for a new mini-project…

CFPR Seminar – 1 – 2 pm, Wednesday, 20th of May

At Home with Walter Woodbury – Dr. Susanne Klein

Link to join seminar:

(No need to register – link will be open around ten minutes before the session.)

The invention of photography in the 19th century was a technological breakthrough of unbelievable proportion. For the first time in human history it was possible to create true likeliness without the interpretation of an artist, just by using the ‘Pencil of Nature’ (Talbot, 1844). Scientists and craftsmen raced to find methods to make the images, created by the interaction between light and chemicals, permanent and to find commercially viable methods to mass produce them. Woodburytype was the first commercially successful photomechanical continuous tone printing method, of unsurpassed quality until today. Originally it used the relief of dichromated gelatin exposed to light as the basis for the printing plates. In this talk, I will show you, step by step, how to recreate a Wooburytype with modern materials and with very little equipment. Something you can do at home.

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