Physics World visit to CFPR: a tour of the frontiers of printing

Physics World recently published an article on the Centre for Print Research following a visit to the labs where they met with our multidisciplinary research team and explored some of the diverse project areas:

‘There can’t be many research environments where scientists in one laboratory are investigating the use of graphene as the basis of high-quality recyclable clothing; while along the corridor their peers are running a course on the ancient Japanese woodblock printing technique Mokuhanga. That, however, is exactly what happens at the Centre for Print Research (CFPR) at the University of the West of England (UWE) in Bristol, where the arts–science and industry–academia divides are bridged on a daily basis.’

Read the full article article here.
Watch the Physics World film about the multidisciplinary work of the CFPR here.

Wear it well Graphene Application Laboratory scientists Shaila Afroj (foreground) and Md. Rashedul Islam are working on the printing and coating of 2D nanomaterials within high-performance wearable e-textiles.
Digital manufacturing Researchers from Tavs Jorgensen’s team at CFPR evaluate the 3D-printing set-up for novel die designs, as part of their research into ceramic extrusion.
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