Woodburytype researchers have Paper published in Molecules Journal

Congratulations to Dr Susanne Klein, Dr Damien Leech and Walter Guy who have had a paper published in the Physical Chemistry section of the MDPI Molecules Journal.

The paper is titled ‘The Polychromatic Woodburytype – Colour Tracking in Translucent, Patterned Gelatin/Pigment Films’ and is available to read here.

Abstract: The Woodburytype is a 19th century photomechanical technique capable of producing high-quality continuous-tone prints. It uses pigment dispersed in gelatin to produce a 2.5D print, in which the effect of varying tone is produced by a variation in the print height. We propose a method of constructing full colour prints in this manner, using a CMY colour model. This involves the layering of multiple translucent pigmented gelatin films and tracking how the perceived colour of these stacks changes with varying height. A set of CMY inks is constructed, taking into account the optical properties of both the pigment and gelatin, and a method of translating images into these prints is detailed.

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