Realistic physical model (manikin) for simulated medical training in abdominal surgery

This project, led by David Huson, is a pilot to investigate fabrication methods and test a realistic physical patient simulator for abdominal surgical training. Working from an art and design perspective, the project uses 3D scanning, 3D CAD and 3D printing technologies to fabricate physical components that closely resemble the look and feel of human abdominal anatomy. The project aims to create an abdominal cavity and simulated internal organs with sufficiently accurate appearance, tactile and physical properties to be incorporated in a realistic surgical simulation. The development of multi-layered and multi-material elastomer structures will simulate the tactile feel and response of human tissue, and the introduction of fluids will give the approximate simulation of internal bleeding. The final structure will be pressurised in order to simulate the correct conditions for laparoscopy procedures. The team are working in collaboration with the Bristol Medical Simulation Centre based at the UH Bristol Education and Research Centre.

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