The making of prints has traditionally involved the displacement of visual information from a source (plate, file, numeric code) to a range of substrates (paper, canvas, wood, plastic, glass, clay), generating multiple images with new physical identities. Print processes stand at the core of current creative practices, evidencing that the ubiquity of virtual information coexists with the need to engage with a tangible outcome. This project aims to rehearse and reflect on the ‘trans’ notion of the printed artefact; transcription of visual and virtual worlds, translation from source to substrate and finally transplantation between disparate images.

Transplantation refers to the process of displacement of an organ from one body to another, as well as to the movement of a living subject to a different place or situation. In either case, this process implies an uncertain wandering, and the prospect of a new form of existence.Through examining the potential of transplantation inherent to the collaborative print-based practice, we ask through our research how can the single rescued image be ‘brought across’ several new lives. This is not only throughout diverse tactile surface and materials, but also nourished by the unique experiences of four artists investigating together a process of reconstruction.

While we face an increasing ‘protective’ social distance, and the closing of further frontiers, this collective transplantation research poses further questions, and mirrors upcoming challenges. Exploring the ‘cellular memory’ that clay and glass provide as vulnerable matter, we have rooted through the ongoing creation of a portable family of ‘sorrow dolls’ for the articulation of emerging biographies. Rough, melted, sculpted, photosensitized, these fragile subjects mean living particles exposed the unease that exists in the state of in-between.

TRANSPLANT : Cecilia Mandrile | Tom McDonagh | Sonny Lightfoot | Niamh Fahy
Foreword by Carinna Parraman
Impact Press, Bristol, UK, 2020
Limited edition publication / Edition: 200
ISBN 978-1-906501-20-4


TRANSPLANT: The After Life of a Print
Cecilia Mandrile | Tom McDonagh | Sonny Lightfoot | Niamh Fahy
Virtual Exhibition presented at Met Gallery, Budapest, Hungary.
August 3 – September 10, 2020
Curator: Ágnes HAász
3D Visualization: Judit Albert
Music: Copper Sounds 


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