POSTED/UNPOSTED•British Isles – second iteration of the POSTED/UNPOSTED PROJECT

POSTED/UNPOSTED•British Isles is co-organised by Imi Maufe (Codex Polaris, NOR) and Angie Butler (CFPR Senior Research Fellow, UK) and presents 28 artists, poets, printers and publishers from the British Isles who use (or have the potential to use) letterpress printing techniques with 24 works housed in a box. The constraints for Posted/Unposted project are as follows: all work must contain an element of letterpress, address the idea of a pamphlet, be contained within a standard C5 (229 x 162 mm) envelope and printed in an edition of forty. Envelope and content are to be considered as equally important parts of the art work. ​ 

POSTED/UNPOSTED•British Isles was launched as a digital exhibition at IMPACT 11 International Print Festival hosted by Hong Kong Open Printshop from 20-25.04.2021. Videos of each book can be seen here as you scroll down the page:

David Armes, Angie Butler, Sheena Calvert, Pauline Clancy, Thomas A Clark & Laurie Clark, George Cullen, Theresa Easton, Hazel Grainger, Lucy Guenot, Julie Johnstone, Hilary Judd and Lucy May Schofield, Gen Harrison, Tim Hopkins, Erica Van Horn and Simon Cutts, Leonard McDermid, Rachel Marsh, Andrew Morrison, Linda Parr, Alistair Peebles, Mary Plunkett, Nora Schmel and Lena Wurz, Cathey Webb, Elizabeth Willow, and Phillipa Wood.


The first iteration of Posted/Unposted was produced by Imi Maufe in collaboration with Lina Nordenström (GG Studio, Uttersberg, Sweden) for the first Nordic Letterpress Collaboration, a book art project from the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) with special emphasis on letterpress printing. The project’s aim was to create a network and a focus for letterpress and book art practices, which were not so widely utilised in this area of Northern Europe in 2016.

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