Smart Tooling for Ceramic Profile Extrusion: New Approaches to Industrial Focussed Interdisciplinary Practice Based Research

This fellowship seeks to explore how digital fabrication technologies can be used to establish new approaches with a ceramic profile extrusion technique that extends conventional capabilities to provide new creative and commercial outcomes. Working across the fields of craft, design, architecture and robotics, Dr Tavs Jorgensen is investigating innovative and design-led applications into the ceramic extrusion profile process, by customising curved and bespoke shapes generated through the application of robotics. He is looking at how rapid workflows from computer-aided designs can create extrusion-dies which can be developed through the use of parametric scripting and digital fabrication approaches, collectively termed: Smart Tooling.

An important aspect of the fellowship is a programme of training underpinning the practical research to support Dr Jorgensen to become a research leader of the future.

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