Printing the Muses: Re-imaging digital musical instruments through printing

This one-year project is one of 10 projects funded by UWE’s Vice Chancellor. It brings together Professor Carinna Parraman’s knowledge of tactile printing and print technologies in the CFPR, and Associate Professor Dr Benedict Gaster’s work on embedded devices and the internet of the musical things, at UWE’s Faculty of Engineering Computer Science Research Centre (CSRC).

Parraman and Gaster will seek to understand how we can re-imagine musical interfaces for a connected digital world. They are creating a bespoke musical interface, working with input from musicians, and making an open resource and digital playground through which digital instrument interaction and the internet of the musical things, including distributed connected musical instruments, can be run.

They will explore the translation of musical terms into dynamic and physical interfaces to help musicians in their composition, such as zones of patterns, textured slider bars, and different heights that contain different resistances.


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