The Art of the Maker- in conversation: Make, Do and Mend, 20 May 2021

The Art of the Maker – in conversation series
Thurs 20 May 12.30-1.15p.m. A free, open session for anyone to join.

Make, Do and Mend:
with Stephanie Wooster and Angie Butler

Steph and Angie have been meeting up online every couple of weeks since January, talking candidly together about their experiences and issues they have faced within their practice over the past year. Today they will share some highlights from their sessions and hold a live Q&A.

Please find the talk recording below.

Stephanie Wooster is a textile practitioner. Within her work she is fascinated with the tactile properties of things and how we experience the object world. Playing not only with the tactility of the materials used in her fabrics but also with how the viewer engages with an embodied understanding of touch. Stephanie has a background in knitwear design and this immersive experience underpins her investigations. She works through a range of textile and digital processes including, knit, crochet, stitch and embroidery and moving image within her investigations. She exhibits her work in venues across the southwest, showing regularly with the iD artists.

Stephanie Wooster: Senior Lecturer in Knit and Stitch
Faculty of Arts, Creative Industries and Education
University of the West of England, Bristol

Instagram: woosterstephanie

Angie Butler is an artist and practice-led researcher with a particular interest in developing methodologies for how we can record and communicate sensory judgements within art and craft practices. Angie collaborates with creative practitioners and leads projects that document their experiences of working in print studios, small presses and artist-publishing spaces.

In her own practice, Angie utilises the letterpress process and the book as collaborative spaces– to connect people and language through a haptic environment.

Angie Butler: Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Fine Print Research

Faculty of Arts, Creative Industries and Education
University of the West of England, Bristol

Angie Butler/ABPress on twitter: @angelacbutler

Instagram: @angiebutler_abpress

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