Wuon-Gean Ho selected for Drawn to Time Exhibition

CFPR Research Associate Wuon-Gean Ho has been selected for the Drawn to Time exhibition, which opened on 9 June, as part of the Drawing Research Network at Loughborough University.

Deborah Harty, writing on behalf of the Drawing Research Network, says:

Drawn to Time is an online exhibition of international contemporary drawing, selected by guest curator Susan Kemenyffy (USA). The exhibition accompanies the Drawing Research Network‘s 2021 Temporal Drawing series of research presentations organised by the Drawing Research Group (DRG) at Loughborough University.  Submissions were invited to the call for drawings in response to the theme of ‘temporal drawing’ suggesting that temporality is not only inherent in drawing, both as a process and as a product, but is also its fundamental condition. Submissions were invited from anyone practicing drawing in a traditional or expanded way and we received over 370 drawings from artists across the globe in response. From the submissions, Susan selected 30 drawings that represented diverse approaches and responses to the theme.”

Wuon-Gean comments on her selected work:

“My short animation, Shadow Boy and Shadow Girl, is created from two sets of reduction linocut prints, with over 1500 in-between frames made in photoshop. Reduction linocut involves carving whiteness into a dark ground, and I wanted to explore the limitations of using a horizontal line as my only mark. I also wanted to see what would happen when I took the reduction linocut to its logical conclusion of complete obliteration.”

To view the animation please visit https://vimeo.com/208883758

Image credit: Still from Shadow Boy and Shadow Girl (2017) by Wuon-Gean Ho. Animation using reduction linocut.

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