Research resources on artists’ books for students

From UWE Book Arts News:

Our resources for students page has links to browse some online galleries and information from various sections of the bookarts website. Hopefully this will help with inspiration whilst people are stuck indoors. You can have a browse here. Some talks are from guest speakers at seminars, symposia, workshops and conferences we have hosted, or ones we have given at other institutions. Do browse the bookarts website as well for up-to-date news, Book Arts Newsletters, current projects and exhibitions.

The Exhibitions and Events page has an archive of artists’ books exhibitions, with plenty of examples and images of artists’ books. The Book Arts Websites page also has lots of links to interesting people and places. The image here is of the artist’s book After Light by Nancy Campbell and Paula Naughton. It is one example from the online gallery New Wave: artists’ publishing in the 21st Century.

Image credit: Tom Sowden, Cover detail from A Manifesto for the Book.

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