Violent Impression: paper presentation by Niamh Fahy at PARSE Research Conference

Niamh Fahy, CFPR Research Associate, presented at the fourth PARSE biennial research conference at the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Preforming Arts at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden in November 2021. The conference theme was Violence and Niamh delivered a paper titled Violent Impression: An investigation of slow violence in landscape through printmaking and photography. Niamh was also invited to provide feedback to papers presented within the materiality strand of the conference.

PARSE is a research publishing platform committed to the movement back and forth between analysis and creation. It addresses a broad range of academics, artists, and art audiences who are curious about the contribution of research to the arts, and the contribution of the arts to knowledge-making.

Violent Impression: An investigation of slow violence in landscape through printmaking and photography – Paper Abstract
Human actions that create waste and initiate slow violence do not culminate to form only the destruction of the environment but rather provoke a series of responses from the lifeforms within it. Other-than-human life continually and non-coherently asserts agency over the future forms and adaptions of that waste (Hird and Yusoff, 2019). Within this work, the generative impact of slow violence is investigated, as it reverberates and proliferates across landscapes and bodies inhabited within the Slieve Aughty mountains. Through practice-based research that incorporates a combined methodology of fieldwork and studio practice, a series of hybrid print works is created in response to a landscape where multiple histories, temporalities and narratives overlap to form a tense and often contradictory environment. Printed narratives that connect and challenge the boundaries between landscape, human and non-human life are considered through the haptic nature of the printed surface to reimagine and interrupt the force of slow violence. 

Niamh Fahy, Slieve Aughty Forestry, 2021
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