The Blue Notebook journal for artists’ books, Volume 14 No2

From Book Arts News:

Vol 14 No. 2 includes a great set of articles from Sweden, the USA and UK: ‘Some intervals in artists’ books’ by John McDowall; ‘What is material-based poetry?’ A conversation between Joakim Norland and Lina Nordenström; ‘Con·nec·tion’ Rebecca Korn writes about the practice of US artist Lise Melhorn-Boe; Paul van Capelleveen on ‘Five Fragments of Introductions To Robbin Ami Silverberg’s Books’. Roelof Bakker discusses his artist’s book ‘The Spots That Never Went, a personal reflection on the devastation of AIDS in the 1980s/90s and the lasting impact of the AIDS crisis on a generation of gay men and their friends and families. Artists’ pages by Csilla Bíró, Mike Dutton, Heather Green and Nigel Robinson. Cover design by Tom Sowden.

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Vol 14 No. 1 includes essays by Ella Morrison, Daniel Lehan (visual essay), Robert Riter and Lucy Roscoe plus an interview with David Ferry by Stephen Clarke. Cover, badge and sticker designed by Chrystal Cherniwchan. Artists’ pages by Jane Cradock-Watson, Leonard McDermid, Sylvia Waltering and Maria White.

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