Sarah Bodman presenting at Materi­ality and Space Symposium (15 Oct 2021)

Sarah Bodman is presenting ‘Can you handle it? Artists’ books we are drawn to handle, may not want to touch, or make us complicit in their narrative’, at the Materi­ality and Space Symposium, hosted by the Media and Visual Arts Department, Koç University, Turkey, on Friday 15th October 2021. The symposium is one part of the Illuminating the Non‑Representable project (Norway),

Sarah’s talk will show some aspects of our engagement with materiality through artists’ books we feel we must handle, or books which make us complicit in their narrative through turning or interacting with the pages. Some can make us instantly respond in a simple way, some explore aspects of atrocious acts of violence to humanity and a lack of care of the environment. These are books that may upset us as viewers but through deeper interaction they can also inform us and hopefully will give us a pause to reflect and think about how we might live now, and how humanity might change in the future.

Image credit: Kanage pholu wanda, Tim Mosely, artist’s book from the Archipelago of Remnant Gardens series, 2014.

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