MiniBABE: Bristol Artists’ Books At Home, with Arnolfini Bristol (early May 2020)

Our next biennial festival of the Bristol Artist’s Book Event (BABE) will take place in Spring 2021. We had planned to hold a MiniBABE event at Arnolfini over the weekend of the 2nd – 3rd May, but have had to rethink that due to COVID-19.

We have decided to take the event online as Bristol Artists’ Books At Home.

ABC and The Poetry Machine are currently collaborating on creating a poem which they will be sharing with you online. Stephen Fowler is busy making a DIY workshop set of instructions for you to try at home. We’ll also be choosing some desert island artists’ books and will be sharing reflections by local artists and writers including Angie Butler and Melissa Chemam, on making work during lockdown.

Check Arnolfini’s website, we’ll be launching the Bristol Artists’ Books At Home activities in early May.

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