Through the Die: An Exploration into Clay Extrusion

CFPR has published a booklet documenting work carried out under the AHRC Leadership Fellow Award:
‘Smart Tooling for Ceramic Profile Extrusion: New Approaches to Industrially Focused Interdisciplinary Practice Based Research’, led by Dr Tavs Jorgensen with Sonny Lightfoot.

The booklet provides an overview of ceramics as a material and its history, and illustrates the project with images of the research journey including toolmaking, testing and experiments with creative applications of the knowledge. The photography is by Frank Menger.

With the AHRC Leadership Fellow Award recently secured, Tavs and Sonny are able to build on their existing research into the ceramic extrusion process at the new laboratory on UWE’s Frenchay Campus. They continue to collaborate with other researchers, artists and industrial partners, and begin new partnerships such as with the National Composites Centre on the development of extrusion with high-tech Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMCs) for potential applications in aerospace and energy.

If you have a UK postal address and would like to request a free copy of the booklet, please contact with your address to confirm.

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