Smart Tooling research exhibited at MAKE Southwest Artful Craft (2 April-2 July 2022)

CFPR Associate Professor Dr Tavs Jorgensen and Research Associate Sonny Lightfoot are exhibiting several works at Artful Craft, a MAKE Southwest exhibition that explores the boundaries between craft and fine art.

MAKE Southwest President, Peter Randall-Page RA, curated the exhibition which addresses the labels, status and boundaries associated with craft and fine art as well as the impact of new technologies such as digital design and rapid prototyping. Peter selected a small number of outstanding artists for this exhibition who, like him, work across traditional boundaries.

Exhibited works by Tavs and Sonny include two glass pieces and a series of extruded ceramic vases. Images below show the production process and final works.

The tooling concept for the glass pieces uses pins that can set in stainless steel frames to create a variety of glass bowl forms. Pieces from this body of work have been exhibited worldwide, with some purchased for the Craft Council Permanent Collection.

The extruded ceramic pieces were produced as craft outcomes of the CFPR Smart Tooling project, focussed on the use of 3D printing extrusion profiles (dies). The concept enables the production of complex multicore ceramic extrusion and has applications in construction, aerospace and energy.

The exhibition is running from April to July at MAKE Southwest Riverside Mill galleries, Bovey Tracey, Devon, UK. Please see the gallery event page for further details.

Artful Craft Exhibitors: Alice Dudgeon, Amanda Cobbett, Amy Shelton, Andrea Liu, David Mach RA, David Nash RA OBE, Halima Cassell MBE, Jonathan Keep, Marcus Vergette, Peter Randall-Page, Sarah Gillespie, Susan Derges, Tavs Jørgensen.

Photography of finished works on this page by Frank Menger.

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