You rarely know, in the moment, when it’s the last time you’ll do something. 
Most of the time, the whole thing just sneaks away in the night, 
never to be seen or heard from again, 
not even sending back so much as a postcard to say hello.

― Michelle Cuevas ―

The CFPR research team has been set a third task by Research Associate Sofie Boons – to produce a ‘greetings from CFPR’ postcard that captures our personal perspective on CFPR, or our individual experience/work/research as part of the group.

Follow these links to see the results of previous activities #letstalktools and #CFPRquotes.

Sofie commented: due to the Covid19 pandemic the CFPR team has been severely restricted in their movements. At any given moment in time the Centre would be represented at a range of places in the world, sharing knowledge, expertise and research. To replace our physical presence at these places the team developed individual postcards to send instead, each providing a peek into fragmented life at CFPR. The traditional format of greeting cards was combined with a collage technique, serving as a memento of our current context, through a collection of slivers collated by our team.  

The resulting range of postcards reflect the diversity in style and process used by our researchers. Click on the postcard images to enlarge.

Join in with a greetings postcard that captures your work and share with us at #GreetingsfromCFPR

Sofie Boons

Tavs Jorgensen and Sonny Lightfoot

Laura-Beth Cowley

I tried to represent all the areas we look at as a research centre and include a few pieces of work from our archive. The women’s head is from an old ad for a ketchup bottle that had the tag line ‘ You mean a woman can open it?’. I chose to inverse this original image because one of my favourite things about our research centre is that the gender balance, leans more heavily towards strong intelligent women – it makes me very proud! 

Laura Clarke

Sarah Bodman

Greetings from artists’ books, reference publications, performance, world book night.

Susanne Klein

Lockdown made me print even more. Greetings from the CFPR campus Stroud and St. Ingbert. 

Xavi Aure

Damien Leech

Carinna Parraman

Greetings from colourful Bristol! 

Wuon-Gean Ho

Sam Alderslade

What3words is a geocode system that divides the globe into 3 x 3m squares. Each square is encoded using 3 dictionary words. It enables users to share a location accurately in a way which is more memorable than a string of co-ordinates.

My postcard contains 4 places that I frequent when working at the CFPR. Choosing one particular square from a general area provides a poetic opportunity.


Lizzie Field

Frank Menger

Laura Morgan

Niamh Fahy

Becky Gooby

I am currently reading Phil Green’s Colour Management Understanding and Using ICC Profiles. He talks a lot about the intention of the end result in terms of colour management. Are we trying to create the best colour composition for the end medium (re-purposing) or are we trying to re-create the same colours as seen in the original image (re-targeting). The textile substrate has a huge impact on the colours in digital textile printing so I think this question is really important. 

The background image is a Granger Rainbow, a test chart, devised by Edward Granger, to determine the colour possibilities of an output device (here my computer screen). I really like making them!

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