Damien Leech

Dr Damien Leech, EPSRC Post-doctoral Research Associate.

I am a Research Associate in the Centre for Fine Print Research (CFPR), working on forgotten techniques, such as the Woodburytype, and how optical and material characterisation can be used to produce prints of a superior quality. My background is in condensed matter physics and material science, primarily focused on 2D materials such as graphene and silicene and how they can be manipulated to make flexible nanoscale electronic devices. I am currently interested in how print techniques, additive manufacture and functionalised inks can be applied across multiple disciplines.

Past projects
Material Modelling, Physics, Chemistry, Condensed Matter, Two Dimensional Materials, Theoretical Physics

Material Modelling, MATLAB, Physics, Condensed Matter, spectroscopy, colorimetry

Research Topics/Interests
Material Modelling; Physics; Chemistry; Condensed Matter; Graphene





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