Frank Menger

Frank Menger joins the Centre for Fine Print Research in November 2019 as a Research Fellow as part of our Expanding Excellence in England investment from Research England. Frank apprenticed in the discipline of analogue photography in Germany the 1980’s. He has an in-depth knowledge of how photographic techniques contribute to multi-disciplinary artistic approaches in the fields of fine art, information design, moving image, documentary photography and printmaking.

He has previously undertaken commissions for Quantel Paintbox, producing colour reference charts and images for the testing and calibration of dedicated computer workstations for the broadcast industry.  His recent research has focussed on Wet Plate Collodion Photography and historical photographic and printing methods that are in danger of becoming obsolete and forgotten, using modern day materials including colour lithographic halftoning using analogue photographic methods.

Frank has most recently worked as the Area Coordinator for Photography at UWE Bristol where he determined the trajectory of the delivery of photographic education for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Historic photographic methods, analogue cameras, black and white darkroom processes, Wet plate collodion, Photographic Lighting, Photography


Research Topics/Interests
Historic photographic methods

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