EU UNESCO4ALL Tour presented at Zero Project 2020 Conference

Associate Professor Fabio D’Agnano presented the EU UNESCO4ALL Tour project at the Zero Project 2020 Conference (in partnership with the International Telecommunication Union). The conference took place 19 – 21 February at the United Nations in Vienna.

The EU UNESCO4ALL Tour project aims to create an innovative, thematic, transnational tourism product based on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, in particular when targeted to visually impaired people. The projects are innovative in their approach, propose sustainable solutions and are based on the close cooperation with and involvement of tourism and CCIs-related SMEs and professionals.

By combining cultural heritage and Tooteko Arte™ technology the projects will enable blind and visual impaired people to travel and visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites in: (1) Italy and Bulgaria, (2) Spain and Croatia, (3) Spain and Italy, discovering several multi-sensory exhibition paths where they are allowed to ‘touch’ some unique UNESCO artworks, interact with 3D-Printed replicas, and learn / feel their history!

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