Tavs Jorgensen giving expert talk at iAtelier Crafting Europe

Associate Professor Tavs Jorgensen has been invited to deliver one of ten presentations by experts in the field of craft and digital design, hosted by Crafting Europe, iAtelier Online.

The panel of experts have been invited to present their work and practice in craft and technology: expert craft designers and makers that integrate digital design & fabrication into their workflow. The experts will present what, how, and why they act in this field, including ways they merge together the traditional crafts skills with the most innovative technologies. They will also discuss the position of craft in the 21st century and their view on the integration of digital design and technology within the craft industry.

The goals of the Expert Talks are:

  • To engage future generations of craft practitioners;
  • To encourage innovative designs that integrate cutting-edge digital fabrication technologies into the practice of craft-making;
  • To create awareness about the technologies available, ignite ideas and inspire the participants to explore the collaboration of craft and technology.

Tavs will be giving his talk on 13 May 2021. More info on the Crafting Europe talks can be found here.

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