Traditional Print Workshop

Since the CFPR move from Bower Ashton Studios, Laura Clarke Oaten has been working closely with CFPR founder Steve Hoskins to establish a Traditional Print Workshop in the new building at Frenchay Campus. The Traditional Print Workshop acts as a thriving area for research, practice and teaching and is the beating heart of the Centre, keeping the bridge to the Old Masters open, and inspiring and informing future research.

The Traditional Print Workshop offers a full range of methods from Etching to Lithography, Screen Print to Relief Print and Letterpress. By keeping these traditional processes at its core CFPR can provide a historical context to print, whilst pushing forward into the future of print.

The workshop includes a newly restored and refurbished FAG Control 525 fully automated precision proofing Press, with a micro adjustable bed, and a rare ‘S’ system for inking up and printing. Built in Avenches in Switzerland in 1968, it is believed to be the only one of its spec that is in working operation in the UK currently. With this press staff are able to print Traditional Letterpress, as well as Magnesium and Polymer plates, Lino and other methods of relief printing. There is also a beautiful new hand operated Takach Combination Etching and Lithography Press, made for CFPR by Takach in Albuquerque USA. There is a fantastic set up for Screen Printing with a large exposure unit and Screen Bed, and facilities for printing positives used in Screen Printing, as well as other photographic processes such as Photo Etching and Photogravure.

Many exciting projects are being planned and taking place in the Print Workshop, from work for the CFPR Editions, to CPD courses, research into reinventing lost photographic processes, and research combining old and new technologies.

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