Md. Rashedul Islam

Research Title: Graphene-based flexible textile supercapacitor for wearable electronic applications.
Commenced: October 2020

Supervisory Team: Dr Nazmul Karim, Associate Professor, (CFPR, ACE, UWE Bristol); Dr Alex Yue, Associate Professor (EDM, UWE Bristol); Dr Carinna Parraman, Professor (CFPR, ACE, UWE Bristol); Mr Martin Nolve, Owner, Founder and CEO, AUGTEX OÜ, Estonia.

Rashed will work on the development of functionalized and well characterized graphene and other 2D materials for energy storage applications and their integration with textiles by coating and printing techniques for wearable electronics.

He has an MSc and BSc in Textile Engineering from Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTEX), Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Rashedul’s PhD is funded by: UWE Partnership with AUGTEX OÜ.

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