Nazmul Karim

Nazmul is an Associate Professor for Novel Print Processes and Materials (Graphene) at the Centre for Print Research (CFPR), UWE Bristol (UK). Nazmul has around 12 years of industry and academic experience in graphene science and textile related technologies, and a passion for getting research out of the lab and into real world applications, currently investigating into graphene and other 2D materials-based technologies aimed at developing scalable and cost-effective next generation functional and wearable textiles.

Prior to that (2015-2019), Nazmul led graphene-based printed and coated high performance functional clothing and wearable electronic textiles (e-textiles) research activities at the National Graphene Institute (NGI) of The University of Manchester (UK) with Nobel prize winning Professor Sir Kostya S Novoselov. Nazmul also completed his PhD (2015) and MSc (2011) from the same university. Before that, he worked three years (2008-2010) for BASF, the world leading chemical company after graduating from Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTex) in 2008.

Nazmul’s research on graphene-enabled textiles and wearables has attracted significant commercial and research interests, which led to co-founding start-up companies. Nazmul was awarded Innovate UK ICURe Award 2018 in order to validate graphene-based wearable electronic textiles research with more than 100 companies around the world. Nazmul co-founded a start-up callled GraphCase, which recently unveiled the World’s first environmentally friendly and 100% recycled plastic-based graphene-enhanced travel case. Nazmul’s research and commercial works have been highlighted in UK and international media, and presented to high profile visitors such as Prince William and Duchess Kate, and President Xi Jinping (Republic of China).

Nazmul’s current research interests include exfoliation and functionalisation of graphene and other 2D materials for high performance clothing and flexible wearable electronics applications, and manufacturing of such devices via highly scalable fabrication techniques (such as coating/printing). He is passionate about introducing smart intelligent materials and artificial intelligence (AI) to printed electronics for next generation personalised healthcare applications. Nazmul also has an interest in graphene or nanomaterials enhanced environmentally sustainable and high performance recycled polymer composites (e.g rPET and rPC), natural (jute) and synthetic (cabon and glass) fibre composites, energy storage devices and smart composites for structural health monitoring, icing-decing and EMI shielding.

Experiences and Expertises: Graphene and Other 2D Materials Wearable Elelectronics Smart Textiles and Functional Clothing Printing (Inkjet and Screen) and Coatings Smart Composites Natural (Jute) Fibre Composites Recycled Polymer Composites and Fibres/Yarns (rPET and rPC) Circular Economy

Research Topics/Interests Graphene and Other 2D Materials; Wearable Electronics; Smart Electronic Textiles (E-textiles); High Performance Functional Clothing; Recycled Polymer-Based Composites and Fibres.
BSc, MSc, PhD
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