‘How I Work’

If you can’t explain it simply, you do not understand it well enough. -Albert Einstein-

Continuing with the CFPR activities series, Research Associate Sofie Boons set the first challenge for 2021, asking colleagues to produce a short ‘Manual/Recipe/How To/Formula’ of their research/work.

‘We are surrounded by manuals and instructions; recipes for cooking, apps to instruct a fitness regime, patents, and step by step guides to install a product or piece of furniture, to name but a few. They all aim to demystify a task, activity or process, whilst at the same time enable the claim of ownership of the idea. They can be shared widely and worthless, or a prized possession by being kept secret and only shared with a selected few. The chain of logic they represent can take on many shapes and forms, both physically and conceptually. 
Instructions can enable creative interpretations and a hands-on exploration of the ideas presented. For this activity team-members at CFPR were asked to produce an instruction which would provide viewers with an insight into their practice or working method. The writing of instructions is a process of clarifying and analysing that which might be automatic, complex or obscured. Pausing to reflect and inviting others to engage.’ – Sofie Boons-

The outcomes can be viewed in the gallery below.

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