Future Textiles Conference (28 Feb-2 Mar 2023)

Future Textiles: New Materials, Digital Manufacturing and Sustainability 

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The First International Conference at UWE Bristol, UK, March 2023

As conference Chair, I am delighted that the Centre for Print Research (CFPR) will be hosting the Future Textiles 2023 Conference, focusing on New Materials, Digital Manufacturing, and Sustainability, from 28 February to 2 March 2023, in Bristol, United Kingdom.

Textiles are so ubiquitous, yet their functions have not changed much since the dawn of civilization. Additionally, textiles have received widespread attention as a versatile platform in recent years for future wearable electronics applications. However, they are still far from the requirements of modern-day electronics.

The global textile industry is also often cited as the second most polluting industry after oil, responsible for ~8-10% of global CO2 emission, ~20% water pollution and ~35% microplastic pollution. Therefore, radical new approaches are needed at both material and manufacturing level to transform textiles into highly innovative, sustainable, and intelligent clothing.

This conference will provide a forum for collaborative discussions to address these challenges at both academic and industry level, to develop future clothing for the next generation and facilitate the rapid transition of such textiles from lab to market.

This in-person and virtual three-day conference will also explore answers to key questions, such as:

Can our clothing be the next generation artificially intelligent computer that can be used for personalised healthcare?
Can digital manufacturing revolutionise the way we manufacture our clothing? 
Can future textiles be sustainable with positive social, environmental, and economic impacts?

Key topics include:

  • New Materials for Textiles
  • Wearable Electronic Textiles (E-textiles)
  • Digital Manufacturing (Industry 4.0)  
  • Sustainable Textile Manufacturing 
  • Circular Economy  
  • Smart Functional Textiles  
  • Protective Medical Clothing 

We look forward to welcoming you to the City of Bristol in Feb/March 2023.

Dr Nazmul Karim

Please email futuretextiles2023@uwe.ac.uk with queries, or to join the conference mailing list.

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