CFPR Seminar: Copper Sounds – Sonny Lightfoot and Copper Sounds (10 June 2020)

This week we’ll be hearing from Sonny Lightfoot, a Research Associate and technician within CFPR, and Copper Sounds, for an insight into fabricating non-traditional instrumentation from ceramics, copper and more.

CFPR Seminar – 1 – 2 pm, Wednesday, 10th of June

Copper Sounds – Sonny Lightfoot and Copper Sounds

Link to join seminar:

No need to register. Link will be live ten minutes before talk starts.

Copper Sounds started off as an experimental record manufacturer making records out of anything from copper, volcanic rock, ceramic, chalk and resin, pretty much anything except vinyl, using traditional techniques more commonly associated with printmaking, studio pottery and sculpture. Realising that if you put anything on a record player it sounds… good? This exploration into sound and materials turned into a live performance resembling a DJ set. This was a necessary step as no one else would know how to play their records. 

In the talk for CFPR, Copper Sounds will give a short history to their practice and talk about their latest collaborative project Sound Pots which saw them take on larger more ambitious ceramic pieces and develop a custom-made sequencer that triggered beaters to play the pots.   

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