CFPR Seminar: Are you sure you can see art? More than meets the eye. (Does it sound?) (watch online)

For our seminar session next week, excited to welcome Deborah Tramentozzi from the Sapienza University of Rome, who also collaborates with the Vatican Museum as a typhlologyst and was a speaker at the 2019 TEDx Roma event.

CFPR Seminar – 1 – 2 pm, Wednesday, 29th of July

Are you sure you can see art? More than meets the eye. (Does it sound?)​ – Deborah Tramentozzi (Sapienza University of Rome)

Link to join seminar:

No need to register. Link will go live shortly before seminar begins.

Her life mission is to constantly challenge limits and restrictions when it seems apparently impossible to do so, searching for innovative and creative solutions to every day difficulties. She craves knowledge on every possible topic and is particularly defined by an unconditional love of art, in all its forms and varieties, musical as well as figurative. 

Deborah has worked closely on Tooteko projects with CFPR Associate Professor Fabio D’Agnano:

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