The CFPR Researcher Q & A with David Huson

David has worked as a Senior Research Fellow in the CFPR since 2000 and undertakes research into 3D printed ceramics, continuous tone photo-relief printing and 3D technologies.

He collaborates with industrial partners including Denby, Wedgwood, Burleigh, Craven Dunnill and Kohler and was awarded the 2011 Saxby Medal by the RPS in the field of 3D imaging.

During the planning and execution of the CFPR move from Bower Ashton to W-block in Frenchay in 2021, David was instrumental in drawing up plans, coordinating contractors and removers as well as keeping a calm head and providing a guiding hand.

David was appointed Associated Professor under the UWE Bristol Academic Promotion Scheme in January 2022.

Above featured image: David’s ceramics work for Craven Dunnill KTP project

Describe yourself in three words

Innovative, Dependable, Versatile

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

A Racing Driver

What has been your most proud moment working for the CFPR?

Working with the architects planning the project to move the CFPR to our new building and Labs at Frenchay. The first project was cancelled due to the Covid 19 lockdown after building work had just begun. We had to start again from scratch and the new building was finished on time in June 2021.

When was the last time you changed your mind about something significant?

Deciding to get married 25 years to the day after our first meeting.

Is there an element of working in Research that you enjoy most?

The best part is collaborating with enthusiastic, intelligent, committed, and creative colleagues.

What future projects are you currently planning?

Lots of ideas including:

Using our new equipment to improve the 3D printed ceramic process that we have developed at the CFPR.

Investigating the viability of a hybrid method for fabricating table ware ceramics.

Collaborating on project to anodise high resolution colour images on to titanium.

Working on 3D printed organ models for surgical simulation

What single thing would improve the quality of your life?

A teleportation machine to cut down on my commuting time.

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