Niamh Fahy

Research topic: How can the print artist contribute to the understanding of changes within landscape in the age of the Anthropocene? An examination of the role of the artist as invigorating engagement in sites of scientific or historical interest through narrative, photographic reconstruction and innovative print techniques.

This research aims to gain an improved understanding of the role and impact of the print artist as a participant in collaborative practice, engaging with the field of conservation, ecology, history and science. This project is driven by her artist’s practice which seeks to examine the use of early photographic and photo-mechanical processes in questioning the visual language of landscape and its entanglement with environmental changes occurring in the Anthropocene. The expected outcomes include a comprehensive knowledge on the practical participation and impact of the artist in collaborative and site-specific research.

Supervisory Team: Director of studies, Dr Sarah Bodman, Dr Angie Butler, Dr Paul Laidler

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