Summer of Print and Books Launches for IMPACT 12 

We’re releasing a series of short videos for the IMPACT 12 #SummerOfPrintAndBooks hosted by CFPR, from June - September 2022. Some will explore IMPACT related themes through artworks, some will set a challenge or participatory call for you to join in and share your work online or physically.

June releases
Mara Cozzolino from Italy and Jacqueline Gribbin from Australia are working on projects about dealing and living with wildfires and bushfires. In 2021 they started experimenting with making ink from the charcoal of burnt trees from the areas where they live, bringing attention to dramatic climate changes in their regions.
UK artist Catherine Cartwright shows how to incorporate old prints and misprints with found papers to create mini collage-print booklets.
CFPR artist and PhD researcher Lisa Sheppy talks about her doctoral study: An industrial craft reinstated: A printmaker’s perspective on tissue transferware.
Killian Dunne shows us an artist’s book project - Concurrently Simultaneously - created in a long-distance collaboration between his wife Coral in Ecuador and himself in the UK separated during the Covid lockdowns.
In a longer feature video, artist Emma Gregory talks us through some examples of expanded print.

July releases
In Time and Pressure, Matthew Lintott (UK) guides us through his print made with very ancient ink.
Drew Matott introduces the Peace Paper Project (USA): an international community-arts initiative that utilises traditional papermaking as a form of trauma therapy, social engagement, and community activism. 
Theresa Easton introduces us to her bookwork Ronnie's Shoes, and sets a participatory call for you to produce your own artwork using personal memories and reflections. 
Artist Jules Sprake introduces us to a form of visual poetry fuelled by printmaking. She explores the concept ‘densities of blank’ through production of a set of artworks. Playful, sometimes terse, these agitations between words and images start to unpack the agency of blank.
In a special sunny release, artist and researcher Niamh Fahy shows how to make beautiful anthotypes using flowers and sunshine.

August releases
Researcher Abigail Trujillo Vazquez reflects on the use of the metaphor of flowers and singing in Nahuatl philosophy. 
Johanna Love and Leora Brook discuss their shared interests in making drawings through the grainy material surface of lithographic stone and mezzotint plate.
Laura Rosser discusses her recent work on The Agency of Error in Post-digital Print.
David Dellafiora introduces KART, an assembling publication and invites makers around the world to join in!