Four CFPR presentations at Printing for Fabrication 19th- 22nd October, 2020

Carinna Parraman has been invited by the committees of Imaging Society of Japan and Imaging Science and Technology to make a keynote presentation.  But how to present an online keynote lecture to a global conference who are spread across time zones? Twice! 

On the 20th October, she will be presenting to delegates in Asia and Europe in the morning and then in the afternoon to delegates in America and Europe. The title of her talk is: The art of the maker – craft, design and technology in the 21st century. During her 50-minute keynote, she will talk about howage-old techniques and crafts traditions that demonstrate fundamental benchmarks in material culture, are the foundation for high-quality printing and fabrication today. Using examples from the CFPR, she will explore the shifting field of Homo Faber and the human condition. She will present how the Centre is working on different printing and fabrication methods, new ways of thinking and working, and alongside traditional methods of making, how digital technologies are transforming craft and design.

Across the four-day conference, delegates across the world will hear about a range of subjects from the Centre, with presentations from Tavs Jorgensen, Damien Leech, Walter Guy, Susanne Klein, Abigail Trujillo Vazquez, Xavi Aure Calvet, and Carinna Parraman. The presentations from the CFPR team are:

Tavs Jorgensen
The Use of Low-cost 3D Printing Technology to Develop Fabrication Tools for Clay Profile Extrusion (Interactive) 

Damien Leech, Walter Guy, and Susanne Klein
3D Printing the Woodburytype – Plastic Printing the Plate or Gel Printing the Image?

Susanne Klein, Abigail Trujillo Vazquez, Xavi Aure Calvet, and Carinna Parraman
The Reconstruction of the Appearance of the Acanceh Frieze by 2.5 Printing 

For more information about the conference please visit the Imaging website here.

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