CFPR Seminar: What we see, and what we know: Partners in human vision? – John McCann, 6 May 2020 (watch online)

Featured image above is an illustration of Edwin Land’s Double Mondrian experiment that Land used in his Ives Medal Address to the Optical Society of America in 1968, cited in McCann’s 2017 article ‘Retinex at 50: color theory and spatial algorithms, a review’ in the Journal of Electronic Imaging.

Really excited to announce that this week we’ll be hearing from John McCann of McCann Imaging. His work covers lots of ground, but includes looking at retinex theory and the link between the eye and the brain in image processing – it’s absolutely fascinating – here’s some reading in case you want to get started (and some relevant video)!

CFPR Seminar – 1 – 2 pm, Wednesday, 6th of May

What we see, and what we know: Partners in human vision? – John McCann (McCann Imaging)

Link to join seminar:

John McCann’s work has been a cornerstone of understanding not only how objects appear, but also how they are perceived. He managed the Vision Research Lab at Polaroid, is an IS&T Fellow and has worked on everything from human colour vision and retinex theory/colour constancy to HDR imaging and the reproduction of fine art. 

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