CFPR Seminar: A Printmaker Abroad: Changing Places, Changing Practices (watch online)

This week we welcome Jenny Robinson to the CFPR Seminars, a printmaker interested in the architectural and re-examining the processes and materials we use in everyday printmaking. Her work has been exhibited in the US, Canada, South Korea and Germany, to name only a few, with residencies in just as many places and you can learn more about her work on her personal website and Instagram page.

A Printmaker Abroad: Changing Places, Changing Practices – Jenny Robinson

Interested in the peculiar transience of the urban built environment, the impermanence of what is ostensibly permanent, Robinson’s practice emerges from the observation and study of a variety of structures and architectures that frame the contemporary urban experience.

Increasingly inventive in her methods and use of materials, Robinson has developed novel, non-toxic techniques for making plates from large sheets of cardboard or aluminum, and printing with materials and papers that compliment and reflect her subject matter.  

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