Consequential Coastline

Published by IMPACT Press, 1996
ISBN: 1 86043 100 3
Dimensions: print 40 feet, wooden presentation box 63 x 23.6 x 3.5 cm on Zerkall pale cream 150 grams per squared metre mould-made paper

Consequential Coastline is available to purchase through the online store here.

This book is dedicated to one Percy Brett, an artist and naval lieutenant, who sailed the world on the Centurion in 1739. The drawings he made on that voyage would radically transform the story of costal navigation and establish a new primacy for British marine cartography.

The 22 artists who contributed to this project each contrived an imaginary, mythical or (occasionally) an actual tract of coastline as both a map and a ‘View’.  As each artist finished their stretch of coastline, a copy was made of the left- or right-hand edge and passed to onto the next navigator who had to seamlessly join their coastline to it. Like some surreal game of cartographic Consequences a new stretch of coast – some forty feet long on paper, but a vast distance in actuality – grew into this new land edge.

List of contributing artists:

Martin Rieser
Chris Hales
Keith Jones
David Haste
Stephen Hoskins
David Atkinson
Peter Murphy
Sheran Hemming
Paul Thirkell
Linda Littledyke
Richard Anderton
Iain Biggs
Paul Gough
Chris Hill
Kevin Petrie
Tamiko O’Brien
Ian McCullough
Jane Millar
John Brennan
David Sully
Lizzie Cox
Jeremy Diggle

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