A Millennium Bestiary

Published by IMPACT Press, 1995
ISBN 1 86043 023 6
Published in an edition of 250

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In the summer of 1994, in the spirit of the medieval book of beasts, 44 painters, illustrators, designers, animators, printmakers and sculptors were invited to create this edition which adapted and customised the moral issues of the day grafting traditional iconography onto new forms and narratives. These new beasts celebrated the end of the 20th Century.

Historically, a bestiary was a vividly illustrated story book that contained colourful descriptions of real, mythical and imaginary animals and birds. It was widely used in the Middle Ages as a moralising text and plundered by the church as a means of embellishing otherwise dry sermons and barren treatises.

List of contributing artists:

Chris Hill
Peter Murphy
Andrzej Klimowski
Ian Woodrow
Lubaina Himid
David Atkinson
Nicholas Homoky
Richard Anderton
Christopher Cook
Simon Stern
George Tute
Janet Haigh
Robert Mason
Russell Mills
Paul Gough
Judy Inglis
Stephen Hoskins
Paul van der Lem
George Hardie
Malcolm Martin
Brian Grimwood
Paul Thomas
Elaine Shemilt
Peter Reddick
Ansel Krut
Claudio Munoz
Graham Crowley
Anita Taylor
Ian Phillips
David Hughes
Alfred Stockham
Linda Littledyke
Alan R Jack
Jeff Hellyer
Leonard Rosoman
Stephen Farthing
Peter Lord
Iain Biggs
Ian McCullough
Lizzie Cox
Martin Rieser
John Wilson
Peter de Francia
Guy Troughton

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