BBC Animated Thinking film by Laura-Beth Cowley

Released this week, ‘The Life and Times of a Witch Bottle’ is a BBC Animated Thinking film that tells the intriguing story of a stoneware flask used as a remedy against harmful spirits.

Laura-Beth Cowley, CFPR PhD researcher, collaborated with BBC Arts and the AHRC to create the animation over the summer lockdown. She said: “This was a unique opportunity to work with a completely different body of research to my own, as well as an animation style I had wanted to try for a long time. It was a joy to work once again with BBC Arts and Calling the Shots and it was exciting to bring Owen Davies and Nigel Jefferson’s research to life in such a fun and accessible way. I take great pride in being part of any AHRC funded project”.

Watch it here on BBCiplayer.

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